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Articulated Tanker Hire

State-of-the-art tankers to cater for the needs of a variety of market sectors, including Waste, Chemical, Petroleum, Food, Milk and Water, throughout the UK.

With the capacity of up to 30,000 litres on a single load this allows us attend and complete projects as efficiently as possible, preventing any downtime, disruption whilst saving our customer money

Quest provide non-hazardous vacuum tankers for long and short term hire

All tankers are fitted as standard with:

Our Articulated Bulk Tankers remove large amounts of waste from sites throughout the country before transporting to other sites or disposal at approved disposal centres. Operatives work as a collective with our customers to ensure that all all jobs are completed to the highest standard.

Articulated Tankers 30,000 Litres

  • 520CFM pump with large capacity siliencer,
  • internal baffles,
  • sight glass with ball valve for ease of cleaning
  • 500mm cylinfical low level entry manway fitted to centre of the rear dish
  • 4in manual inlet
  • 6in manual outlet
  • Presuure / vacuum relief valves.
  • Manufactured from 4mm thick 304 stainless steel with 5mm dish ends and 2 x 4mmbaffle plates
  • Jurop RV 520 rotary vacuum pump giving 520 CFM suction with large capacity silencer
  • 1 x top mounted man lid for inspection with milk style access ladder
  • Stainless steel hose tray with bungee straps both sides
  • 4″ manual ball valve type inlet pipe on rear dish
  • 6″ pneumatic slide valve type outlet pipe in base of tank
  • 2 x lockable plastic enclosures and 1 x stainless steel mesh basket
Articulated Tanker Hire

Fresh Water Delivery

Quest’s articulated tanker’s are the perfect solution for providing large volumes of fresh water water in bulk.

Our Fresh Water Tanker are manufactured with variable pump speed options installed within a hygienic stainless steel barrel.

Articulated Tanker Hire

Speak to our team to ensure you get the right vehicle for the job call us on 0333 358 8222