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Bulk Tankering & Waste Logistics

Transport any liquid product safely and efficiently

At Quest, a core component of our services revolves around nationwide collection and transportation solutions for large volumes of liquid waste.

With a modern fleet of bulk vacuum tankers, we have the capability to safely and reliably service requirements for Waste Tankering, Waste-Water Tankering, and Sewage Tankering.

Our dedication to responsible waste management is evident in our commitment to environmental stewardship and strict adherence to regulatory compliance standards.

Our licence permits us to handle and remove all types of wastes including, but not limited to:

Acids and alkalis

Slurries and drilling muds

Paints and adhesives

Contaminated waters

Interceptor and associated drainage waste

Sewage and grease trap waste

Waste hydraulic oils and soluble oils

Flammable solvents

Redundant Fuels

Organic and Inorganic chemical production wastes

Types of Bulk Tankers Vehicles Available

What are the capacity of our Tankers?

Our fleet of tankers have capacity to Transport Liquid Waste from 3000 litres up to 33,000 litres per vehicle/per load.

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