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Our client was working to a restricted timeframe for delivery of a DDMS scheme and the relationship with Quest proved to be extremely valuable for this project as Quest had not only the resources available but also the capabilities to deliver the project to the correct standards.

We were tasked by the client to provide support with the delivery of a Post Construction Survey to standards CS551 and CD535 of the DMRB. This would allow the client to provide realtime data of all drainage assets to ensure the construction works passed validation onto the drainage data management system (DDMS)

Health & Safety

Due to the safety critical nature of the works required to deliver the project, the initial risk assessments highlighted manual handling and vehicle incursions. As a result of the complexity of the project necessary for delivery and the provisional effects this would have on the on customer. It was agreed that the data required would be completed out of hours. This decision produced the additional challenges of night working which included reduced illumination and mental health assessments to a already safety critical project.

Quality Management

As a result of the DDMS surveys essentially being a update of previously captured data, this caused problems within this project as the previously captured data was at the pre– construction phase therefore some of the Assets within this project had been removed. This caused a number of problems when validating the roundtripped data due to missing data.

How did you overcome these challenges?

In the interest of Quest delivering data to the highest possible standard, our Project Manager arranged for our site surveyors to access the area of the missing data to collect the information required to deliver the complete survey. We overcame this challenge through the knowledge, experience and competence of our GIS processing team.


Our processing team and survey team keep to strict deadlines and standards throughout all projects, this enables our team to deliver all projects within the specified time frame as per the clients request. This process also assists the GIS processing team when the roundtripping process occurs.


  • ATEX Zone 1 CCTV Unit with Wincan VX System, IPEK Crawler system with Large diameter
  • RTN Ultraclean Recycling Jetting Unit with Deep Suction Capabilities
  • 6 Man Welfare Unit with Toilet and all facilities


  • 6 Shifts On Site
  • 7 Days Processing


  • CCTV Rig Manager (Qualified to OS19X Standards, Confined Space Entry and First Aid)
  • CCTV Assistant (Qualified and Competent in Confined Space Entry)
  • Recycler Operator (Qualified in High Pressure Water Jetting, Confined Space Entry and First Aid)
  • Site Supervisor (Qualified to SSSTS OS19X, High Pressure Water Jetting , Confined Space Entry and First Aid Standards)


  • “An amazing service and alternative thinking to provide a solution and resolve the issues. Due to this out of the box thinking NWR have requested further visits to resolve other issues.” (Works Deliver Manager)
  • “Your service and performance as a supplier speak for themselves!!” (Project Manager)
  • “Compliments to your staff and operatives for the efficient and professional way they carried out their duties.” (Director