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Latest CCTV Drain Survey Equipment

CCTV Drain Surveys provide an in-depth inspection of your drain, using remote CCTV cameras inserted into your drainage system.

Our cameras provide a live-image link to teams above the ground allowing our engineers to gain a full insight to any presenting issues.

Quest’s CCTV fleet comprises of the latest technology from the leading manufacturer iPEK, our extensive range, will deal with any scenario, meeting and surpassing the highest standards of quality and safety for our clients.

All our camera equipment is explosion-proof (EX rated) and our units can survey pipes and drainage systems from 50mm to 2000mm diameter and up to 300m length in length in one direction.

Within our CCTV armoury we also have the versatility of remote/portable equipment for inaccessible locations and floating platforms, for high level flows and trunk sewers.

How do CCTV Drain Surveys Work?

Industry Leading CCTV Technology allows our teams to inspect drains and sewers more efficient and convenient. In previous years engineers would have to carry out excavation or enter pipes to gain a full insight into the drainage system.

Depending on the situation our EX Proof Equipment allows us to lower a wheel based camera into the drainage system streaming back high-resolution footage in real-time to our teams above ground. 

Live footage allows our engineers to inspect the conditions of underground assets and identify any issues such as blockages, hairline cracks, collapsed sections and root infestation.

Upon completion of the survey our engineers compile a report including still images/video footage and provide recommendations to rectify any issues.

Common follow up works including: Drain Jetting, Root Cutting, Rehabilitation and Relining.

What are the advantages to a CCTV Drain Survey?

CCTV Drain Survey technology is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of carrying out inspection of underground drains and sewers. Our systems produce high resolution still images and video recordings highlighting any existing or future issues.

Spotting problems early allows us to produce an action plan and prevent small issues from developing and increasing in size e.g. Hairline cracks can result in a water leak that over time will reduce the stability of the pipe, opening up to the possibility of root infestation.

CCTV Drain Surveys will spot any underground problems in the most efficient way without causing any disruption or excavation.

What issues can a CCTV Drain Survey find?

CCTV Drain Surveys are the most efficient way to identify the cause of any drainage problem, from a simple thing like blockage through to root infestation or broken pipes.

Our CCTV Camera Survey can identify various drain problems including:

Cracked Pipes

Root Infestation


Broken Pipes


Displaced Joints

Open Joint



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