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Rapid, Automated Manhole Inspection

With the press of a button, CleverScan performs a rapid, high-res, fully automated manhole inspection. You get a flat scan that captures image detail from every inch of manhole wall, plus a dense point cloud that can be easily merged into any CAD or 3D application.

Capture Imagery

CleverScan’s five HD cameras and powerful illumination system allow it to build a detailed image scan and capture video. The scan presents high-resolution detail from every square inch of a manhole wall, and allows an analyst to quickly scan for structural defects, infiltration and unmapped features. The scan can also be annotated and measured using a host of tools within CleverScan software, and WinCan’s CleverScan module allows you to create detailed reports effortlessly.

Acquire Geometry

CleverScan’s array of four lasers capture the geometry of the manhole into a high-resolution point cloud. This geometry is ideal for performing capacity studies, taking measurements for rehab projects and populating CAD models. Point cloud data is exportable in a variety of common formats and can be viewed directly in the CleverScan software and WinCan’s CleverScan module.