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Bulk Water Delivery for Construction Sites

With our fleet of Stainless Steel Water tankers we can provide Construction Site Water Supply in bulk.

Experienced in delivering bulk water supply, whatever your requirements we can assist with our 30,000 litre articulated tankers.

Water Supply for construction sites can include anything from supporting welfare facilities; this includes providing water to flush toilets and wash hands or the on-site storage of bulk water in order to keep processes throughout the site running.

Each bulk water tanker is equipped with a petrol-powered water pump working at 1,100 litres per minute, which can be connected to an on-demand water pump or connected to equipment or building as an emergency water supply.

It’s common to situate a 30,000 litre barrel on site which we return to site and fill up to ensure a constant water supply. 

Construction Site Water Supply

Some of the applications using Bulk Water on Construction Sites

Water for Welfare Facilities

Where a mains water network is interrupted or contaminated, Quest can assist in providing a temporary water supply. Depending on the scale and duration of the problem, we achieve this by providing 30,000 litre articulated water tankers or temporary bulk water storage tanks

Water for Wheel Washing

It’s becoming increasingly more popular for wheel washing units being used on building sites in an effort to prevent mud contamination from site onto the public highway. Where needed, we can provide a constant water supply through tankers. Alternatively, we can fill up site water tanks and make a regular delivery to top up the tank. Our tankers can provide up to 30,000 litres on each load to ensure the wheel wash machines remain functional.

Water for Dust Suppression

It’s common for building sites to produce excessive amounts of dust. The dust particles can be packed with dangerous chemicals that pose a significant health and safety risk to those working on a construction site and in the surrounding area. By spraying water mist at high pressure results in spall droplets which evaporate before hitting the ground. We can supply a water supply by Tanker or fill up an existing storage tank on-site.


Do you have a requirement for Bulk Water Delivery on Construction Sites?