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D-Max Mobile Screening Unit

D:MAX technology ensures maximum solids removal and dewatering of waste across a variety of troublesome waste streams.

The trailer mounted screening unit removes grit, rag and other solids from waste water and works to such a high specification resulting in waste that can be taken away and recycled.

Upon arrival to site, the D:MAX can be operational in around 1 hour, suitable for removing waste and sludge from digester tanks, lagoons or ponds.

Other uses can include being utilised as a mobile dewatering system for tank-cleaning, silt management, clearing wet wells, storm tanks and pumping stations.

D:Max operates by adding water to the waste, vibrating it, screens and separates it before returning the water to the treatment process whilst depositing the separated material into skips.

One of the main advantages of the D:Max is that it can process up to 120m3 per hour, more than other separation technologies such as centrifuges and filter presses.


Advantages of using D:MAX

  • Saves money: The D:MAX reduces the amount of waste going to landfill which will save on transport costs and landfill charges e.g. landfill tax.
  • Positive effect on the environment: Less vehicle movements, with less waste being transferred to landfill sites. Resulting in less harmful toxic carbon dioxide being released into the air.
  • Recycled Water – The water used throughout the process can be recycled.
  • Self-powered: The D:MAX is energy self-sufficient powered by an on-board generator providing all the power it needs with the added function of access for ancillary equipment which can be plugged into it. 
  • Quick set-up: The D:MAX’s can be quickly deployed no matter what the environment and constraints on the site.

D:MAX Hire

To find out just how the CDE D:MAX can help serve your requirements please call our operations team on 0333 358 8222 or email