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DDMS or “Drainage Data Management System” (HADDMS) contains the technical information of the Nation’s Highways.

DDMS Surveys provide a thorough investigation into the drainage highway system, this allows the operatives and the client an opportunity to identify any defects or hazards that could cause flooding or more extensive problems further down the line.

Quest’s CCTV Survey fleet comprises of the latest remote inspection technology from leading manufacturer iPEK, allowing us to deal with any scenario and in-turn surpassing the highest standards of quality and safety for our clients.

Robotic Cameras / Scanners enable access to areas otherwise inaccessible by human entry. This then provides a live feed to engineers above ground allowing our CCTV Drain Survey engineers to inspect the condition and serviceability of the network without the need for ‘man entry’ or excavation.

Each of our rig managers possesses expertise in highway drainage and are accredited with OS19x training to conduct thorough CCTV condition assessments of your drainage network.

Highways crews conduct surveys to CS 551 specifications, and the resulting condition shapefile is uploaded to DDMS.

What Do DDMS Surveys Involve?

Pipework condition / defect survey by CCTV

All asset condition & connectivity surveys

Chamber survey by laser scanning

Filter drain condition survey by CCTV

Pipework geometric survey by laser profiler

Manhole laser scanning

At Quest we pride ourselves for catering to our client’s needs.

Not every survey requires a detailed report and in some scenarios site time can be better utilised elsewhere. We tailor our service to our client’s needs, below shows our main three CCTV sub-duties

  • Full structural survey, comprising of footage and written report.
  • Fast Track survey, comprising of footage and a marked-up plan.
  • Look-see survey, comprising of just footage.

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