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DISAB Vacuum Tanker Hire

DISAB Vacuum Tanker Hire

DISAB Vacuum Tankers are designed for application in a number of industries and are suitable for suction, discharge and transporting wet or dry material.

Generating 8,000 to 9,500 cubic metres of air volume, a DISAB will clear a large skip of aggregate wet or dry into a 12,000 litre tank in around 10 minutes with the facility to blow it all back out at a new location.

The DISAB’s strong and efficient suction power makes it appropriate method for removing materials from hoppers, pits, silos, tanks, vessels, or loose on the ground.

The DISAB will suck up tonnes in a short space of time, reducing manual labour, the need for external equipment and transport it to a new location or safe disposal site whilst passing on the savings to our customer.

Equipped with a telescopic boom the DISAB provides access to remove both liquid and solid materials from any accessible location.

The use of DISABS are becoming increasingly popular in the processing industry. From cement and concrete, steel, water treatment, mining, quarrying, aggregates.

Dry materials DISAB can remove include: Ash, Biomass products, Powders, Aggregates (sand, gravel and cement)

Wet products include: Sediment, Sludge and slurries, Filter cake.

DISAB Vacuum Features RIGID

  • Tank Gross volume 12000 litres
  • Tailgate Hydraulically operated and locked
  • Tipping system Hydraulic front cylinder, double acting system
  • Level guards Wet resp dry level guards
  • Central Hoseboom
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