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Drain Cleaning

Extensive Fleet

At Quest we own and maintain an extensive fleet of specialist Recycling and Combination Jetting units, manufactured by three of the leading industry suppliers. Between the fleet they are capable of tackling a wide variety of blockages and cleansing applications.

Heavy investment, decades of experience and the pursuit of innovative optimal solutions for our clients, make Quest one of the leading drainage companies in the country. We pride ourselves on producing solutions when other companies fail or just are not up to the job. All our units are acoustically enclosed, this dramatically reduces noise pollution and in some cases eliminates it, strengthening our environmental acceptance.

Capacity of Cleaning

Sewers from 100mm to 1800mm and beyond, recently we conducted a culvert clean for a local authority which measured 3810mm (12 ft 6 in).  Hose length ranges between 120mtrs to 250mtrs depending on the unit in question, but our maximum distance was 1500mtrs.

Cleansing / Desilting

To ensure that sewers, pipes, drains and gullies are in good repair and functioning correctly, cleaning / desilting is required. If these are not maintained on a regular basis, silt / debris will solidify, partially blocking the pipe and reducing the flow capacity of the system.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Quest provide a number of cost-effective options for the deep cleaning for a range of surfaces. Read More

Sewer Cleaning Armoury

Within our sewer cleaning armoury, we also have the versatility of remote equipment for inaccessible locations utilising remote reels, which are a tracked vehicle with addition jetting hose. We have an array of specialist jetting nozzles that incorporate the latest technology and innovation to remove the most stubborn materials.

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