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Duct Cleaning and Desilting

Duct Cleaning and Desilting

Ducting serves as a conduit for transporting telecom, communications, and power cables, safeguarding them when installed underground. Nevertheless, similar to water and drainage pipes, cable ducts are susceptible to various issues. 

Maintaining the cleanliness of the ducting is crucial to prevent substances that could harm electrical components. Any form of damage, such as root intrusion or displaced joints, can permit silt, soil, and debris to infiltrate the duct. A compromised duct may also allow water ingress, creating an unfavorable environment for cables.

Damage to these elements can be long-lasting and lead to more extensive work than our duct cleaning and desilting process. 

Removing sediment without causing harm to the cable within requires expertise. Our engineers utilize specialized jetting heads to move debris towards the nearest manhole chamber. At this point, a Jet-Vac Tanker will be available to vacuum out any remaining debris. 

Desiliting plays a crucial role in the installation of new cables in existing ductwork from the past. Occasionally, ducts, even if structurally sound, can be obstructed by accumulated silt. This silt enters the ducts during intense rainfall, settling and solidifying into a hardened blockage over time.

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