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Emergency Spill Response

The preferred option for professionals. Safeguarding businesses around the clock in times of emergency.

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In the event of a spill, prompt action is crucial to contain and address the situation efficiently.

Quest specializes in providing around-the-clock emergency spill response services for oil and chemical emergencies. Our expert team, backed by specialized equipment and supported by licensed treatment and waste facilities, is committed to rapidly, securely, and compliantly managing the impact and costs associated with these incidents.

Accredited by the UK and Ireland Spill Association, Quest ensures a swift and effective response to spills. Our after-hours service is readily accessible as indicated below.

Quest Spill Response is our 24/7 Emergency Spill Response Service. Working with our clients we minimise the effect of any spill incidents.

Attending incidents including, chemical spills, fuel leaks, paint & oil spills, water & land contamination.

Regardless of the time of day, our teams are on hand to assist.

Below are some of the incidents we can assist with:

  • Oil and chemical spills
  • Contamination
  • Flooding
  • Chemical and hazmat incidents
  • Road traffic collisions
  • Fuel and oil spills
  • Road traffic collisions
  • Site remediation
  • Supply of spill materials

We are a licensed waste carrier and are corporate members of the UK Spill Association.


Every moment matters!

We comprehend the critical importance of prompt action, having witnessed the adverse effects that delays can cause.

That’s why our services are accessible around the clock, every day of the year. We are committed to swiftly and efficiently addressing spills in both water and on land—stopping, containing, and executing clean-up operations.

Distinguished as the sole emergency response organization in the UK equipped with specialised knowledge and a comprehensive range of services, we possess the expertise to manage every aspect of your emergency, ensuring minimal impact.

Reducing the duration of operational downtime.

We understand that business downtime comes with a high cost. Therefore, we are committed to minimising disruptions and swiftly restoring your operations. Our presence ensures continuous guidance, monitoring, and supervision throughout the clean-up phase until we are absolutely certain that your site is clear from hazardous substances, guaranteeing a safe environment for your team to resume their activities.

Following this, our monitoring efforts persist, comparing current pollution levels to established baseline levels. This ongoing assessment is conducted for as long as required, ensuring not only the absence of further pollution in the ground but also providing regulatory satisfaction that the remediation process has been successful.

Our dedication to keeping you well-informed remains unwavering throughout this entire process.

24/7 Emergency Spill Response

Drone Spill Response

Using Drone Technology our engineers can safely inspect areas and waterways which could be at risk of existing or potential contamination.

Our teams can be airborne within minutes to provide a risk free overview of Sewers, Pipelines, Rivers, and other hard to access areas.

Working with our operations team we can provide a full flight analysis alongside video recordings and still images.