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Avoiding a recipe for a drainage disaster on Pancake Day

Whilst it might be tempting to throw leftover pancake mix down the sink, you probably didn’t know that the flour, oil and fat in the mixture can result in blocked or burst drains

Despite how delicious pancake mixture is, it can cause carnage once poured down the sink

Pancake batter contains flour, fat and oil and this which combined is is a recipe for disaster as it can quickly harden inside pipes and lead to blockages and burst pipes which can become costly to repair.

Looking ahead to the future, pouring leftover pancake mix down the drain can contribute to fatbergs further down the line in sewers. A fatberg is formed when fat and grease combine with unflushable items (such as wet wipes).

Did you know?

If you pour your used frying oil into a plastic container and leave it out for collection with your bins the oil can be recycled? Used cooking oil can be refined into different types of biofuels used for power generation and heating.