QWM Group

4000g RCV Ultra Vac Road Tanker

RCV Ultra Vac Road Tanker equipped with advanced features for efficient waste management and cleaning operations

The powerhouse behind this impressive vehicle is the MAN TGS 32.430 8×4, boasting an automatic gearbox and a robust stainless steel tank with precision pipework and fittings.

The 4200-gallon tank is intelligently split into 4000 gallons for waste and 200 gallons for water, ensuring optimal functionality on site.

The Jurop LC580 vacuum pump, with an impressive 580cfm capacity, handles waste removal seamlessly.

Additionally, the Speck NP25 jetting pump (11GPM-210bar) facilitates thorough wash-down and jetting processes.

To enhance operational convenience, the tanker features a hydraulic hose reel capable of holding 120 meters of ½” hose, ensuring flexibility during cleaning tasks.

The incorporation of a frost protection blow-down system further emphasizes the vehicle’s reliability and durability in various working conditions.