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Gully Tanker now available from Quest

Gully Sucker

We’ve increased our commitment to supporting works along the UK’s Highways with the delivery of a 1800g Gully Tanker

Combining high-pressure jetting alongside powerful vacuum suction, this tanker has the capability to dislodge nearly any persistent obstruction while ensuring the safety of workers, fellow road users, and pedestrians passing by.

The newly introduced Whale Tankers Gully Sucker is tailored to meet the requirements of both local government agencies and commercial clients who engage our services.

This tanker provides efficient solutions for promptly emptying and cleansing roadside gullies with unparalleled effectiveness.

Gully Tanker Specification

  • Main Hose reel – Self-aligning hydraulically operated reel with 100m x 3/4″ Whale thermoplastic HP sewer jetting hose
  • 2nd Hose reel: Manually-operated reel on nearside with 30m x 1/2″ high pressure hose
  • 4″ lever operated lockable ball valve
  • Extra Features: Boom Jets, Chapter 8, Rear View Camera & Monitor