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How we are using solar panels to power CCTV Survey vans

As part of Quest goal to create more sustainable solutions, the company is taking steps to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the UK with the addition of solar-panels on vehicles

The latest arrival to our CCTV Drain Survey fleet is fitted with an ultra-thin solar panel on the roof space and an intelligent battery monitoring system which generates power through ambient light to fuel various on-board activities and reduce operating costs.

The photovoltaics panel, aims to maintain the lifespan of batteries by sending a constant charge to preserve lithium power-cells and remain at full performance

The vehicle is more environmentally friendly, providing better air quality and reduced noise when compared to using generators, delivering customer benefits when working in residential areas.

Quest General Manager, Chris Page, said: “With a growing fleet of CCTV Survey and General Work Vans, the successful implementation of solar panels on our new camera van cannot be underestimated”

“This is a significant step forward for Quest as it allows us to deliver a more efficient service to our customer” 

“As a company we aim to increase our green services over the next 5 years, services that we can pass on the benefit to our customers which in turn will contribute to a more sustainable society”