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Quest welcomes second Cappellotto to the fleet

By October 4, 2022March 21st, 2023No Comments

Quest has welcomed a further Cappellotto to it's recycler fleet

Welcoming our second Cappellotto Caprecy to the Quest Fleet earlier today

Engineers will spend some with Williams Tanker Services Ltd getting to know the machine before it takes to the road later this week

The addition of Cappellotto underpins our commitment to continuously improving the level of service we deliver to our customers nationwide 

Developed for cleaning drains and sewers, the Caprecy works quickly, efficiently, and economically without compromising on safety. 

Equipped with an onboard Cappellotto Recycling System (CRS) water is separated from sludge through a 5-stage filter and separation system enabling it to provide a constant jetting supply 

It doesn’t stop there 👇🏼

• 8,000L Debris Capacity 
• 6,000L Recycled Water Capacity 
• 1,662 CFM Vacuum Pump 
• HP Pump 333 LPM @ 170 BAR
• 270* BOOM / 20M 5″ HOSE