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Fuel Bowser Hire

Operating with a nationwide fleet of Vacuum tankers, Quest offers tankers from 2000 – 6000 gallons in capacity to meet each customers requirements

Our fleet of vacuum tanker’s are available a range of sizes from 2000g up to 6000g each with the capability to accommodate a range of different jobs and specifications.

  • 2000 gallon tankers – suitable for use across sites with limited access, commonly used to emptying septic tanks, cesspools or pumping station maintenance
  • 3000 gallon tankers – tasked to jobs similar to 2000g tankers such was wet wells, pumping stations with low – medium flow
  • 4000 gallon tankers – these vehicles have the ability to tip waste, carry additional suction and more time consuming jobs such as sludge or rag.
  • 6000 gallon articulated tankers – Have the capacity to deal with large amount of liquid waste whether it be sludge, sewage or waste water with large flow.

All Tankers are operated by experienced, qualified and friendly engineers.  Give their understanding of the industry they have the relevant understanding and knowledge to effectively deliver a reliable service to our customers.

Vacuum Tanker Uses:

Quest’s fleet of vacuum tankers are suite for a number of waste removal tasks such as

  • Wet waste removal
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Drain Unblocking
  • Flood Response & Cleanup
  • Environmental and Industrial cleaning
  • Sewer Unblocking
  • Culvert Cleaning
  • Pump Station Cleaning & Maintenance
Vacuum Tanker Hire
Jet Vac Tanker Hire

Vacuum Tanker Hire

Speak to our team to ensure you get the right vehicle for the job call us on 0333 358 8222