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Precise and Detailed Mapping Solutions

We provide GPS Mapping Services specifically designed for drains and sewers. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise in drainage systems, we produce precise and detailed mapping solutions for pipes, manholes and gullies.

Beyond spatial mapping, drain mapping is invaluable for ascertaining the dimensions, depths and directional flows of pipes within the drainage network. 


Drain and Sewer Mapping

Employing cutting-edge GPS mapping technology to produce detailed and accurate maps of drain and sewer networks. We record crucial details like pipe locations, dimensions, depths, and flow direction, providing a thorough overview of the entire system.

Asset Identification and Data Collection

We use surveying methods to identify and gather information about different assets within the drainage system. This includes manholes, inspection chambers, gullies, and other essential infrastructure. Precise asset identification and data collection are crucial for efficient asset management and maintenance planning.

GIS Integration

We combine the gathered GPS mapping information with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to enhance the efficiency of data management and analysis.

The integration of GIS allows for the streamlined visualisation, analysis, and reporting of drainage system data. This process supports decision-making and assists in maintenance requirements.

Management of Assets and Future Planning

Through our GPS mapping services, we deliver extensive solutions for the management of drains and sewers. 

We create maintenance packages by analysing the captured data and carrying out condition assessments. The aim of this is to optimize performance and enhance the longevity of the infrastructures. Our forward-thinking approach aids in averting emergencies and lowering overall maintenance expenses.

Data Analysis and Reporting

We provide thorough data analysis and reporting solutions to provide our customers access with an insight into their drainage systems. Our specialists examine mapping data, pinpoint trends, and offer practical recommendations for enhancing system performance.

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