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Adverse weather conditions, such as intense rainfall and debris accumulation, frequently lead to obstructions in gullies, drains, and mainline sewers. These blockages prevent the efficient movement of water within the drainage network, causing inconvenience and possible harm.

Our dedicated fleet of gully suckers boast a powerful high vacuum capability, ensuring exceptional gully emptying performance. Our vehicles are optimally sized to operate effectively in any environment, especially in challenging or difficult-to-reach areas.

Our Gully Tanker Fleet has been purposefully designed to clear gullies, with the added capability of jetting out interconnecting lines. Each tanker is equipped with high-pressure jetting and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring high-quality in the services we offer.

This vehicle adheres fully to Chapter 8 regulations. Featuring a robust vacuum system, it can efficiently remove up to 4500 litres of liquid waste.

Furthermore, the tanker includes a clean water reservoir with a capacity of 3600 litres, enabling powerful high-pressure water sprays to effortlessly clear blockages and clean drains.

Vehicle Specification

You might not notice any signs of a blocked drain straight away depending on the scale of the blockage. If you have identified any of the below, you should Contact Quest.

  • Body Make: Whale
  • Body Model: HVC
  • Chassis Make: DAF
  • Main Hose reel – Self-aligning hydraulically operated reel with 100m x 3/4″ Whale thermoplastic HP sewer jetting hose
  • 2nd Hose reel: Manually-operated reel on nearside with 30m x 1/2″ high pressure hose
  • 4″ lever operated lockable ball valve
  • Extra Features: Boom Jets, Chapter 8, Rear View Camera & Monitor

If you noticing any of the above then it’s worth considering expert advice to determine whether you have a blocked drain. Quest will respond to your call and perform a drain inspection before the situation get’s worse. The earlier you discover a blocked drain, the easier it is to prevent any further damage.

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