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High Pressure Drain Jetting

High Pressure Drain Jetting is one of the most effective ways to remove any fat deposits, debris or other coatings that could be causing a blockage

High pressure drain jetting is carried out by inserting a high pressure hose into a drain before pumping a powerful stream of water that has the capacity to break down any blockage or debris within a drainage system.

The pressurised water projects a powerful stream that can create a force enough force to break down any obstructions into smaller pieces before being washed through the system.

If you have a requirement to unblock or clean sewers, drainage systems, tanks or culverts High Pressure Water Jetting is the perfect for clearing any fat deposits, debris and other coatings.

Equipped with a variety of jetting nozzles our engineers have the ability to work specific to the job requirements.

Combined with Quest’s wealth of experience and modern equipment you can be assured that any water jetting requirements can be handled stress free..

What is HPWJ used for?

High Pressure Drain Jetting & Unblocking

High-pressure drain jetting is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to ensure that your drains remain clean and function without any problems.

High pressure jetting is the perfect solution for cutting away and dislodging any debris or substances found attached, within or around a drain, sewer or waste pipe. The power of the water is sufficient to break up everything from scale and rust to resins, residues, paint, concrete and rubble, the power of the jet allows us to remove any build up or blockage and restore full flow within the pipe.

Water Jetting can be used for:

  • Drain Cleaning – High Pressure jetting helps to remove grease, sludge, limescale and other buildup, leaving your pipes looking like new.
  • Debris Removal – Drain jetting helps to soften and loosen any solid debris that could be causing a blockage in your drains.
  • Septic Tank Cleaning / Grease Trap Cleaning – High Pressure Water Jetting equipment can also be used to help clean pipework, septic tanks, and soakaways
  • Routine Drain Maintenance – Routine drain maintenance contributes to keeping your drainage system in top performing condition
  • Gully cleaning and aco drainage cleaning
  • Tank cleaning including; septic tanks, cesspits and oil tanks
  • Graffiti removal
  • Spillage clearance

High Pressure Water Jetting

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