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Interceptors are designed to collect and trap waste products such as oils, waste water, silt and other contaminated debris. Typically found within garage forecourts, car washes and other commercial premises. The trapped waste is transferred into the sump where it is contained safely without contaminating the vicinity or flowing into nearby watercourses.

The accumulation of oil, silt and debris from moving vehicles, spillages or leaks can present a build up of grime which increases the risk of forecourt flooding and potential contamination of nearby sewerage systems or watercourses

Our maintenance and cleaning packages for drainage and interceptors eliminates the accumulation of debris and any contaminants, subsequently lowering the risk of flooding. 

We can provide you with the necessary PPM schedule and all the relevant documentation to show that the equipment is being maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and applicable standards.

Any waste generated during the cleaning process undergoes compliant disposal using fully licensed facilities, thereby meeting all duty-of-care obligations. The Environment Agency recommends that forecourt interceptors are serviced every six months in accordance with their Pollution Prevention Guideline (PPG3).

For example: BS EN 858-2:2203 – Separators/interceptors should:
  • Require servicing and maintenance at least every six months.
  • Be subjected to a yearly integrity testing interval not exceeding five years.
  • Have comprehensive service and maintenance records accessible from the inspections.
  • PPM service packages are tailored to ensure you remain compliant with the relevant industry standards and guidance.
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