Recycling & Jet Vac Units

With our new fleet of RTN Recycling Units & JHL Recycling Units we make every drop of water count and deliver cost-effective waste management and drain cleaning solutions.

Over the last few years we have invested heavily in our modern fleet which comprises of RTN & JHL Recyclers.

As we operate throughout the UK we are committed to working towards a more sustainable environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

At Quest we specialise in all types of sewer cleansing including clearing blocked drains and sewers, root and concrete cutting, tankering, emergency drain blockages and cleaning gullies, soakaway and gullies.

Our recycling Jet Vacs re-use dirty water to clean sewers, enabling us to stay on site for longer and offer better value for money and more efficient solutions to our clients.

RTN Recycling Unit

  • 3200 gallon tank, split 1200 gallon fresh water / 2000 gallon debris
  • Jurop PVT 400 vacuum blower pump, 1550 CFM. Operating at 75dB.
  • Jetting pump giving 80gpm @ 170 bar
  • Two stage dirty water recycling cartridge filtering to 50 microns
  • Auxiliary hose reel fitted with 120m of 1/2″ hose
  • Jurop top mounted 6″ suction boom with 300 degrees rotation including Wanda lead connection points
  • Fully opening hydraulic rear door
  • Radio control as standard
  • Sewers are cleaned not shot blasted and damaged due to the high filtration level of the recycling system
  • Payload 9.3 tonnes

JHL 414 Recycling Unit

  • Tank: 14,000 litres
  • Jetting pump: 85gpm (390 l/min) @ 2,030 psi (140 bar)
  • Jetting hose reel: (200 m) 1″ and (60 m) 1/2″ hoses
  • Vacuum pump: CVS VacuStar 1600, 5,865 gpm
  • Suction cassette: 5″ suction hose with 7 ft (2m) extension + 30m 4″ suction hose
  • Recycling system: 5-step continuous water recycling with coarse and fine filters
  • Radio control as standard

JHL 313 Jet Vac Unit

Used for preventive cleansing, emergency cleaning of mains, septic- and collection tanks, and transport of dangerous goods. Just to name a few.

  • Tank: 2,639 gallons
  • Jetting pump: 85 gpm @ 2,031 psi (390 l/min @ 140 bar)
  • Jetting hose reel: 150m 5/4″ and 50m 3/4″
  • Vacuum pump 1100cfm
  • Suction cassette: 5″ suction hose with 7 ft (2m) extension + 30m 4″ suction hose