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Molex Pump

Progressive Cavity Pump Set Capable of Pumping Heavily Laden or Viscous Liquids and Sludges

Pump Set Trailer Features

  • EC type approval no – e11*2007/46*0755*
  • Purpose-designed to cope with arduous working conditions
  • 900 kg heavy-duty axle
  • 975 kg max GVW
  • Positive Displacement Progressive Cavity Pump
  • Designed for easy operation
  • Galvanised trailer assembly for longer life
  • Built-in clutch unit with manual facility
  • Spare wheel
  • Throttle allowing variable speed for process control
  • Minimal maintenance required

Typical Areas of Application

  • Ideal for emergency flood water pumping
  • Draining of oil lagoons and pumping through agricultural slurries
  • Can be used on Sewage and heavy industrial sludge
  • Effective even with barely viscous liquids

Molex Pump Features

  • High delivery pressure up to 6 bar (90 PSI)
  • High flow up to 1350 litres per minute (18,000 gallons per hour)
  • Good suction lift capability of over 8 metres
  • Capable of lifting liquids containing 20 % or more solids
  • No Foaming