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Off-Road Tractor Units

Comprehensive drainage and pumping services cover every location

Our tractor mounted tankers are an ideal choice for utility companies, rail authorities, farmers and property development. The demand for all-terrain tankers and pump systems are becoming increasingly more popular as our clients begin to understand the significance of maintaining their assets.

Tractor Mounted 1000m Hose Reel – Assists in pumping slurry in some of the most challenging landscapes, such as rough terrain, fields and areas with limited access.

Engine Pump Station – Delivered to remote areas using rough terrain forklifts and doesn’t require use a tractor to drive the pump, releasing the tractor and operator resource

Tractor Mounted Pump One of the most efficient, economic and highest performing systems on the market, pumping a more thicker slurry than any other centrifugal pump at up to 300 m3/h

In light of the extreme weather events witnessed in recent years, the threat of flood damage to agricultural land has become a major issue. 

Our comprehensive drainage and pumping services cover every location, regardless of its remoteness. Off-road tankers allow us to provide a swift response to both emergency situations and reactive maintenance requirements.

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