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A Quick Guide to Maintaining Soakaway Systems

Anyone who has a soakaway on their premises knows that problems from damaged or blocked pipes can cause major issues in a short space of time. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring that your system continues to work smoothly and to help spot anything that may have an impact in the future.

The good news is that Quest Waste Management offer a range of inspection, cleaning and repair services that will ensure your soakaway stays in pristine condition for the foreseeable future.

What is a Soakaway System?

A soakaway is used where you don’t have traditional drainage systems and is most commonly seen with installations like septic tanks and for buildings and surrounding areas that require rainwater management. The key is that this system can take water and waste and disperse it into the surrounding soil without causing water logging or pollution. It often does this through a series of simple, perforated pipes.

Traditionally soakaways were used in remote areas where a septic tank was installed or run-off water from a storm needed to be controlled. They are more often nowadays being used around new building works where sewers are available but where installing soakaways can reduce the potential impact of waste water.

They can generally be found in places where there is a higher likelihood of storms and rain. Installed for the right property, they also have an ecological advantage especially when it comes to rainwater soakaways where they provide a relatively controlled release into the surrounding ground.

What Can Cause Problems for Soakaway Systems?

There are a number of issues that can occur in relation to soakaways. If there is damage to a septic tank, for example, harder waste can get into the outlet pipes and cause blockages. If you have trees and shrubs growing around your system, their roots can expand and cause breaks in the pipes. If the network is near to the surface, vehicles driving over the soakaway can also cause damage to the piping.

The Benefits of Maintaining Your Soakaway System

Obviously, if a soakaway becomes blocked then it can cause issues with the build up of rainwater and waste. The first thing people usually notice is that rainwater is not being dispersed after a storm. This can cause damage to the property if no repair work is carried out. You might see a pool of dirty water forming near your home or business and there can often be a rather nasty smell. If you have a septic tank, a sign that the soakaway may not be working properly comes when you have to empty it a lot more frequently.

At Quest Waste Management, we have over 20 years’ experience dealing with a wide range of drainage issues including carrying out CCTV surveys and unblocking sewers as well as handling the maintenance and repair of soakaway systems. As with any drainage or sewerage problem, making sure that we adhere to high levels of health and safety is important for our teams and our customers. We also operate in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

If you are having a problem with your soakaway system or just want to get it checked out, give our support line a call today on 01924 565855