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Don’t let a Septic Tank issue burst your ‘bubble’ this Christmas…

By November 30, 2020No Comments

Christmas is without doubt a busy period, and it’s important to remember it’s not just the presents that are hidden away

With the Christmas period just around the corner some of us will be spending even more time at home and potentially welcoming family round to celebrate.

When preparing your home for the Christmas, one thing that might not be on your mind is your septic system.

Have you carried out any maintenance on the Septic Tank hiding away in the bottom of your garden recently? A number of Septic Tanks fail in the run-up or just after Christmas, not ideal when you have visitors.

What could cause a Septic Tank to fail during Christmas?

  • Overdue maintenance
  • Increased Facilities Use (E.g. Bath Water, Toilet Flushing)
  • Increased Cooking (Cleaning Up / Running Taps)
  • Fat deposits from cooking Meats and Vegetables

Lower Outside Temperature

  • Bacteria within Septic Tanks are most efficient at around 35°C. When the temperature begins to drop, the efficiency of breaking down sewage is effected.
  • Liquid Fats solidify/freeze sooner, often within the drainage system before it reaches the septic tank, causing a blockage or buildup.
  • Frozen Soil, reducing the absorbency of the soakaway

Prevent any Septic Tank Emergencies this Christmas and contact Quest on 0333 358 8222 to book your maintenance appointment