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Haunted Drainage Horrors to Avoid on Halloween

Pumpkins play a big part in Halloween, but did you know that pulp and pumpkin seeds can cause scary things to happen in your drains?

Throughout the years, technicians have discovered a number of clogged drains. But especially during the halloween period, there’s one main culprit causing drains to backup more often than not.

It’s important to avoid putting any pumpkin pulp or seeds down the drain or into your toilet after you have finished carving.

The incorrect disposal of Pumpkin leftovers can cause serious drainage issues as the leftovers will create a substance that will stick to the sides of your drainage system.

Given a period of time pulp can become a hard substance and could cause further issues that could have been avoided by simply disposing of your rubbish safely.

Spooky sounds coming from your drains and plughole…

Gurgling sounds from your drains can be an early sign that there is a problem with them. When your plumbing system is blocked or damaged, backups can occur and your wastewater has nowhere to go but back up your drains.

If you hear any abnormal gurgling or see any visible water bubbling back into your bathtub when you flush your toilet etc, then you need to investigate this issue immediately to avoid potentially more serious problems further down the line.

Swampy grass

Is your lawn turning into a swamp in various areas? Your septic tank could be leaking over overflowing. Whilst acting as a home made fertiliser for your garden. This will start to cause pooling waste-water and the smell will not be pleasant for you, your visitors or neighbours.

Should anything happen over the Halloween weekend, our team of Drain Busters are available to handle your call. Our engineers operate an emergency response service Nationwide, supporting both commercial and domestic customers.