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Leading the way with ‘No Man Entry’ Technology

Quest’s Gerotto ‘No Man Entry’ Technology accommodates for all different sized jobs…

Available in THREE different sizes the Gerotto is a remote operated crawler designed to assist a vacuum hose in reaching difficult or hazardous environments, reducing the requirement for entry by an operator.

Equipped with a range of different tools and attachments Including high-pressure water attachments, augers, brushes, and heads for specific applications.

Some of the benefits to using a Gerotto include:

  • Safe operations in confined spaces.
  • Labour Reductions.
  • Time Saving.
  • Operating works in safe areas at a safe distance.
  • Operating cost reduction.
  • No human risk

Visit the Gerotto section of our website website to learn more about the Gerotto and how it can benefit your works or alternatively call us on 0333 3588 222