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Making every drop count with continuous water recycling

With further hosepipe bans on the cards as hot weather conditions deplete reservoirs and increase pressure on water companies, it’s important to highlight our commitment to the environment

Besides excelling with its vacuum capabilities, the RTN Ultra Clean Recycling Units have been developed with the environment in mind.

Built with a 3200 gallon tank split 1200g fresh water / 2000g debris our teams maximize the time spent working, whilst minimising the time wasted taking on clean water supplies.

The Recycler is more productive as it doesn’t have to leave site to keep refilling its tank or use job time to travel and refill from a hydrant which could be 5 or 10 miles away, depending on the jobs location.

Equipped with system that filters dirty water to 50 micron, our teams have the facility of continuous water recycling, enough to perform across 900 metres.

Whilst the costs may seem a little higher than hiring a standard Jet Vac unit, when it comes to comparing the costs against benefits, there is a clear winner.

The Ultra Clean Recycler unit is at least 60% more efficient than a traditional unit