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Common problems experienced with drainage in hot weather

Whilst most of us like to sit back and enjoy the sun, it’s worthwhile considering some of the drainage problems that can arise as a result of the hot weather

The majority of people associate drainage problems with cold and wet weather. However, don’t be fooled as summer comes with its own drainage problems.

Hot Pipes

As pipes are often exposed to the outside in very hot weather the plastic pipes can fracture and crack.

The majority of outside water pipes are made out of plastic, which when exposed to the sun can become cracked and fracture. The sun’s UV rays can result in the plastic becoming brittle and heat causing the pipes to crack, resulting in flooding or leaks.

It’s also worth noting that it isn’t just the above ground pipes that can become damaged in the heat. During warm periods the ground becomes very dry and develops cracks which in-turn puts pressure on the pipes running below leading pipes cracking and rupturing and the requirement for further assistance

Plant Root Ingress & Damage

The hot weather is ideal for perfecting your summer plants, but have you ever considered how far down those roots grow?

Plant roots grow down and can work their way into the smallest of crack in your drains in an attempt to find nutrients to grow. As the roots grow, the cracks will expand and they can begin to restrict and prevent your drain flow.

This isn’t something you can prevent or monitor other than keeping your plants in pots or away from any known drainage channels.

Clogged Drains

Whilst clogged drains can appear at anytime through the year, it’s often the smell we notice first as a result of the heat.

There’s nothing worse than sitting outside in your garden surrounded by foul smells

The heat can encourage bacteria to grow from any food scraps resulting in a bad smell both inside or outside a property. To avoid this we’d advise you to ensure you are binning food waste and not washing plates and cutlery down the plughole. Do not do not pour cooking oil, fat or grease down the sink as this can solidify and cause a further blockage.

Slow Clearing Drains

One of the most common ways to cool down and keep fresh during hot weather spells is to take a quick shower.

The common cause of slow shower draining is from hair or fluff building up and causing a blockage within the pipes

It could be a good idea to invest in a plug-hole cover which can catch any hair, fluff or other materials and help prevent blocked shower drains.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes result in increased water bills and wasting unnecessary water, a leaking most likely to happen when pipes and drains are being used more than usual.

One common example, in the summer when you are using a hosepipe, sprinkler or filling up swimming pools and not something you do in the winter months!

To reduce the pressure on your mains water system, you could install a water butt which collects rainwater over time for tasks such as watering the plants

Identifying Problems with CCTV Drain Surveys

One of the best ways to identify any potential maintenance requirements is to carry out a CCTV Survey.

A CCTV Survey provides the opportunity to take a look at areas otherwise not accessible to the human eye, identifying any blockages or pipework defects, without the need to excavate or cause disruption to your home life, or business premises.

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