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Dragonfly Vacuum Unit aids cleanup operation recovering over 100 tonnes of flour at production plant

The Dragonfly Vacuum Unit played a crucial role in an emergency cleanup operation, successfully recovering more than 100 tonnes of flour from a damaged silo at a production plant

On Wednesday (8th May) Quest was called to attend a flour spillage from a silo to both remove the material from the surrounding area and empty the remaining silo contents ensuring the works were complete before any change in weather and preventing potential dust emissions from site.

The trailer-mounted unit boasts exceptional readiness for any situation, equipped to operate anywhere, anytime. With an 80-litre fuel tank, it can autonomously operate for up to 8 hours.

Our team mobilised quickly within the hour, leveraging our extensive equipment portfolio to select the most suitable machinery for the task. With disposal sites closed for the night what normally would be a job for a DISAB, we turned to our DragonFly unit, its convenient butterfly valve allows for quick discharge into bulk bags, enhancing efficiency during cleanup operations.

Only hours after arriving at site the job was complete. We take pride in our ability to offer the right timely solution, safeguarding both our clients and the environment.