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Is your company prepared in the event of a spillage?

Only a minority of businesses have a thorough spills management plan implemented. The lack of such a plan presents unacceptable risks.

However, in the event of a spill, businesses may find themselves liable for cleanup costs reaching hundreds of thousands of pounds. There’s also the potential for harm to employees, increased insurance premiums, business interruption costs, and damage to the companies reputation.

In severe cases, failing to prevent pollution can even lead to imprisonment for up to five years.

Our emergency response team frequently encounters situations where on site mistakes make a spillage outcome worse before our arrival. Our specialised fleet rapidly addresses both hazardous and non-hazardous spills, equipped with spill kits, absorbents, and containment gear to mitigate any environmental impact.

We excel in extracting solids and organic matter from wastewater, ensuring compliance with discharge permits and enabling uninterrupted production during cleanup operations.

For river contamination incidents, we deploy booms to contain spills and clear contaminated vegetation. In cases of flooding, our expert teams swiftly remove excess water.

Following containment, we conduct thorough post-spill investigations to assess environmental damage, ensuring diligent compliance.

Collaboration is central to our approach, ensuring continuous support and comprehensive reporting that meets stringent environmental, financial, and legal standards.

We’re committed to providing round-the-clock, year-round response capabilities to safeguard your operations.