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Public urged to play their part ahead of second heatwave as Quest lend helping hand

Whilst en-route to an Emergency Call out in the Scunthorpe Area on Thursday Drainage Engineer Marc Bettison came across firefighters tackling a field fire

Equipped with 3000 gallon of combined waste and jetting water, Marc stopped and offered his assistance.

Using the Recycling System on the unit he was able to recycle the dirty water from the waste tank giving him a duration of around 1 hour of constant water feed which he used to dampen down dry fields and hedges surrounding a property at risk.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service contacted us earlier today to pass on their thanks “On behalf of Humberside Fire and Rescue I would like to acknowledge and thank Marc Bettison for his actions during a field fire on the 11th August 2022.”

“Marc quickly attended the scene with his Quest water bowser and gave protection to a residential property that was in the line of fire spread.”

“With limited water supply available and quick-fire spread, Marc’s actions and assistance allowed the incident to draw to a safe conclusion and allowed the occupiers to return safely to their property.”

How can you prevent a grassland fire?

  • Don’t discard cigarettes or matches whilst walking or driving through the countryside
  • Don’t have BBQs in unauthorised areas and make sure it is cold before it is disposed of correctly
  • Never leave a BBQ unattended
  • Don’t start campfires in the countryside
  • Don’t discard rubbish – litter such as reflective cans and glass can start fires
  • If you live close to woodland or heathland, do not burn off garden rubbish during hot weather
  • Report any evidence of illegal firesetting activity