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Quest attend Open Day for Government backed Drainage Skills Bootcamp in Leeds

On Thursday (27 March) Quest attended The Drainage Skills Bootcamp in Leeds alongside Sysco Business Skills Academy

During the morning, Jordan Chilton spoke to the attendees providing an overview of Quest and the sectors that we work in.

The courses have been developed as part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills initiative and is designed to close the skills gap in the UK that has been intensified by the disruption that coronavirus caused to job sectors and businesses.

The program also suits those interested in studying a new industry and changing direction, featuring engaging and interactive activities designed to challenge learners and apply their new knowledge.

As part of the scheme, learners will be trained by experienced professionals from the industry with over 25 years of experience in:

  • Introduction to drainage sector, legislation, components
  • E&D Safeguarding, Prevent Duty, Mental Health
  • L3 Award in Emergency First Aid at work
  • (EUSR) SHEA Drains & Sewers
  • WJA Safety Awareness
  • WJA Drain and Sewer Cleaning
  • Drain Investigation
  • Drainage Surveying and coding using MSCC5 standards
  • Awareness of Drainage repair techniques
  • Confined Space Awareness
  • Emergency Plumbing for drainage engineers
  • Practical case studies in domestic drainage
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Employability skills in the drainage sector