QWM Group

Quest Response for Flood Prevention and Water Management

Our pumps play a crucial role in flood prevention and water management by efficiently and securely removing excess water from various environments

The Met Office has issued a caution about ‘unsettled’ weather expected in the UK over the coming days, featuring a mix of rain, sunny intervals, and progressively stronger winds by the week’s end.

Additionally, flood risks persist, with 94 alerts active in England, primarily concentrated in central and southern regions, along with two warnings issued by the Environment Agency.

We acknowledge the seriousness of flooding, which is why we offer immediate flood cleanup and water pumping services to mitigate its impact. Utilising industry-leading water pumps, we ensure swift and efficient services with a high flow rate.

Emergency Flood Response

Our flood pumping solutions are crafted to swiftly divert flood or stormwater from your premises, mitigating potential severe damage. These offerings are both manual and temporary in nature.

Backed by our committed team of specialists, we take pride in providing a 24/7/365 service. This enables us to deliver prompt assistance whenever and wherever it’s needed. Our Response Pumps can be dispatched to locations susceptible to flooding or currently facing inundation, providing instant support.

High-Capacity Pumping

Quests pump fleet is tailored to manage substantial water volumes, effectively extracting water from flooded areas regardless of the quantity. With their high-capacity feature, our pumps mitigate additional damages and risks associated with flooding.

Available in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches, we offer pumps suitable for various needs. If you’re uncertain about the appropriate size, our team is ready to provide expert guidance and assistance.