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Survey Engineers deploy CleverScan to assist surveying efforts during construction works

Survey Engineers in the North West deploy CleverScan on a development site to capture 360 degree imagery and produce a 3D visual map of a chamber to assist surveying efforts

Due to the chambers location besides a live railway, this was strict no-man entry and CleverScan was the only tool suitable for this task.

Discovering that construction works caused a collapse within the drainage system is concerning. It underscores the importance of proper planning and oversight in construction projects, especially when they involve critical infrastructure like drainage systems.

This incident likely requires immediate attention to assess the extent of the damage, mitigate any further risks, and implement measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Our remote system guarantees no human entry, ensuring utmost safety while enhancing precision in reporting, identifying, and documenting relevant issues. Our remote system guarantees precise measurements of depth, elevation, and issue nature, providing essential visual evidence for effective remediation planning.

Plus, with the WinCan chamber reporting module, detailed insights empower confident decision-making for your next steps.

Geometry Details

The CleverScan system employs an array of four lasers to meticulously capture the geometry of a manhole, generating a high-resolution point cloud.

This geometric data proves invaluable for conducting capacity assessments, taking measurements for rehabilitation projects, evaluating erosion, and populating CAD models.

The point cloud data is exportable in various common formats and can be directly viewed within the CleverScan software and WinCan’s CleverScan module.

Further Exploration of Structural Defects

The point cloud visualisation reveals the points utilised in constructing the mesh structure during post-processing. Users have the flexibility to maneuver the point cloud in all directions—up, down, backward, forward, and rotate it along its vertical axis.

Ensuring Access to Crucial Information

It is imperative for utility companies and public works surveyors to have access to essential data concerning sewer and stormwater manhole structures. At Quest, we provide manhole inspection services leveraging advanced remote CCTV technology to detect manhole defects promptly, facilitating accurate and timely repairs.

Common Manhole Defects

With over decades of industry experience, we have encountered a wide array of manhole defects. Some of the more prevalent issues include:

  • Growth of roots
  • Damage to the manhole frame or wall
  • Damage to the manhole cover or lid
  • Damage to the manhole neck
  • Damage to the manhole ladder
  • Blockages in the channel