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Cable Ducting Inspections – Accessing the smallest of infrastructures 

CCTV Drain Survey

Working with the Mobile Crawler RX95 from IPEK, engineers have been carrying out survey works within ducting prior to installation of electrical cable

This six-wheel crawler has the dimensions of 86x75x274mm (WxHxD) and can inspect drains and sewers from Ø DN100 – DN200 whilst still delivering the high-quality footage you would expect from a much larger system.

Cable Ducting serves the purpose of housing various types of electrical, telecom, communications, and energy cables underground, safeguarding them from external elements. However, similar to drainage pipes, they are susceptible to blockages or damage from debris, soil, or root penetration. Any damage to the cable ducting may potentially harm the services it contains.

Conducting a CCTV Inspection of these services can verify their structural integrity and condition, as well as confirm the current cable routes on your site.

Our systems produce precise and comprehensive footage and reports, which enables us to spot problems early and produce an action plan to prevent small issues from developing.