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Streamlining Manhole Inspection Using the Latest Quickview 360 Camera

Introducing the latest innovation in manhole assessment technology: the IPEK Quickview 360 Inspection Camera

This intuitive tool offers a streamlined solution for evaluating manholes. With Quickview 360, conducting manhole assessments takes just five minutes, enabling your inspection team to evaluate up to 80 manholes per day. Its lightweight and portable design allows for easy deployment by a single operator.

Equipped with dual cameras and a rangefinder for precise measurements, Quickview 360 captures panoramic HD video effortlessly. The footage streams wirelessly to WinCan sewer inspection software through a mobile app, providing access to view and share flat scans of the recorded content.

WinCan’s advanced AI processes the footage and generates detailed reports for each scan. Furthermore, when combined with Quickview 360, this software can create a comprehensive 3D model of your asset using cutting-edge point cloud technology.

By integrating both hardware and software advancements, Quickview 360 simplifies inspection procedures and aids wastewater systems in upholding standards.

Manholes often contribute to inflow and infiltration issues in collection systems. Ensuring the integrity of these assets can help system operators reduce treatment expenses, mitigate the risk of hazardous overflows, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.