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Remote Jetting Reel

With our remote jetting reel we can provide our customers high pressure water jetting services locations that our conventional vehicles would otherwise struggle to access.

Due to its size the remote reel can be towed to site by any vehicle with the correct tow mount and travel across rough ground, rubble and fields and operate up to 200m away from our Jetting Unit.

Equipped with a 1″ jetting house, the remote reel is the ideal choice for attending hard to access locations to carry out drain cleansing, gully clearing, septic tanks, cesspits and interceptors.

With low ground pressure the remote reel is useful for accessing facilities near to maintained fields including football pitches & golf courses preventing any ground disruption.

Remote Jetting Reel Hire

Speak to our team to ensure you get the right vehicle for the job call us on 0333 358 8222