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Rigid Tankers 2000g – 4000g

For effective and reliable on-site waste management, contact Quest Waste Management today. We provide a range of vacuum tankers for all types of projects Nationwide.

2000 – 3000g Tankers

  • Vacuum Circuit Range from Mistral 400 (245cfm) to Mistral 1000 Vacuum System giving an output performance of 245cfm Free Air
  • Other Performance Levels Available
  • Range up to Mistral 1000

Vacuum Tanker Plus Washdown or Jetting

  • ORCA 170 high-pressure pump giving a performance of up to 45 l/min (10g/min) at 120 bar (1750 psi)

4000g Tankers

With our RCV Ultra VAC Wash down body and equipment.

  • 4000-gallon tank, made from 304 Stainless Steel, featuring a Jurop PVT400 vacuum Pump
  • Jetting Pump,
  • Jurop VL14 PD over pump
  • Top Boom (6”)
  • Hydraulic opening rear door
  • Fort Vale man lid to the front compartment with a milk style ladder.
  • Tipping Function