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Robotic Drain Cutting

Every business has unique and distinct requirements for commercial drain services.

Our robotic drain services offer significant cost savings to clients, especially in situations where an expensive excavation process would otherwise be the sole option. Our state-of-the-art robotic equipment excels in accurately eliminating obstructions.

Occasionally, high-pressure jetting alone may not be sufficient to eliminate blockages. Robotic Cutting enables us to precisely cut and grind any obstructions into smaller pieces, restoring natural flow through the drainage system.

Robotic cutters enable the remote removal of obstructions in pipes and drains, eliminating the necessity for expensive excavations.

Our drain and rehabilitation team effectively employs robotic cutting units in the preparation for drain re-lining or patch repairs. These units remove any intrusions or roots prior to the repair process.

Encrustation removal

Tree root removal

Building materials (slurry, cement and concrete)

Wet wipes

Solid masses within the pipe network

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