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Root Cutting

Using specialist root cutting equipment we can cut most roots out of the drain, working alongside high pressure jetting equipment

Tree Roots naturally grow towards damp areas with a water source growing through any tiny cracks or seams in pipes. These roots over time progress and cause blockages that can result in damage to your sewage system. In worst cases, roots can impact the flow of sewage, leading to overflows, creation of septic pools and the production of dangerous gases.

Specialist root cutting equipment cuts through roots using high pressure water with a rotating nozzle head, which acts as a cutting tool.

A build up of tree roots in your drainage system can cause:

  • Large-scale blockages
  • Build up of Dangerous Gas
  • Structural issues to drain pipes

For more complicated jobs we also have more traditional methods such as spinning mechanical cutters which clear 99% of roots within the pipe.

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