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Sewer Lining & Rehabilitation

Sewer Lining & Rehabilitation

If your drainage system is experiencing damage or deterioration, it is crucial to address the issue. A compromised pipework system poses further risks to residential and commercial properties, such as leaks, flooding, blockages, and potential ground subsidence. 

These problems often instigate from cracked, infiltrated or broken pipework, requiring a  sewer rehabilitation process. Pipe relining establishes a ‘layer’ for maintaining drainage systems. This approach significantly prolongs the lifespan of compromised pipelines by incorporating a new piping within the existing. 

The advantages provided by drain relining include the prevention of any disturbances above ground, timely restoration of the drain to maximum operational state, and the avoidance of costs linked to conventional excavation methods.

Our innovative solutions increase the life of your utility assets, we offer traditional techniques as well as UV.

,Our specialist team will assess the site and location and choose an appropriate lining technique, once inserted it’s cured to create a successfully rehabilitated, durable pipe. is put in place either on a patch or a full length of pipe

Our sewer repair and rehabilitation service has multiple applications, including:

Hot & Cold Cure Systems

Patch Repairs

Joint Sealing

Water ingress

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