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Quest has extensive experience in assisting with numerous shutdowns and essential maintenance programs at some of the largest facilities in the UK. The critical time sensitivity of these projects necessitates reliable and meticulous planning to ensure timely and budget-friendly completion. Quest is well-equipped to handle the challenges of these large, high-risk, and complex projects, often requiring day and night shifts over several weeks.

During major facility shutdowns for maintenance, our scope of work includes tasks such as tank cleaning, surface preparation, pipeline cleaning, and the extraction of sludge or liquid from areas of the site rarely inspected. Quest is skilled in overcoming the challenges associated with such situations, boasting a highly trained workforce, state-of-the-art equipment, specialised vehicles, and the necessary certifications to work seamlessly with clients.

With accreditations and certifications for waste removal, confined space work, and breathing apparatus usage. Quest provides comprehensive support to customers, ensuring the successful completion of these vital maintenance projects.

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