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QWM Group is committed to a well-invested asset base and continued investment enables the provision of full-service solutions, including complex and unique situations.
A legacy for tomorrow

Our Commitment

Our corporate and social values drive our people, we are committed to delivering services with a sustainable focus. We are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and on our neighbors in the communities in which our people work.

All of our strategies and policies are built around our five key pillars: People, Environment, Community, Innovation and Sustainability and reported on annually.

We support our local community, we actively promote employment opportunities.

We source materials and services from the local area,

We have modified our vehicles and plants to purchase fuel-efficient and solar power elements of activity.

We monitor our five year carbon footprint agenda and we are on track to reduce our carbon footprint by 20% by 2024 as part of our five-year plan set in 2020.

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QWM Group's ambition for sustainability drives key strategic decisions, our strategic business objective to be efficient and effective now and in the future. 
  • Less than 3% of all waste managed by Quest goes to landfill
  • 98% of organic waste converted into nutrient- rich compost
  • Expansion and development of a greener fleet
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We are a trusted partner for some of the largest blue-chip names in the UK infrastructure, utilities and waste sectors.

The waste management industry is anticipated to expand at a compound annual rate of 3.9% to £1.4bn by 2029 and we are at the forefront investing in the future of QWM Group. With reactive capabilities we are strengthening QWM Groups position leading the sector in delivering full service complex and unique solutions.

We’ve invested in our infrastructure, with three depots and a further three satellite deposits nationwide, we’re responsive meaning 100% of our jobs are completed under planned time.

Our culture of continuous investment in our workforce means our team is highly trained and skilled and we attract talent across the industry. Our expertise and knowledge of regulatory compliance sets us apart in the sector. Image on the left and text on the right
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QWM Group supports the Unblockedober campaign each year. Unblockedober is a national month-long campaign raising awareness on reducing sewer blockages, improving the health of our drains, sewers, waterways and seas.

We're passionate about passing on our knowledge on protecting our environment, making a small change has a big impact on our future. An astonishing amount of plastic is entering our seas and rivers and environmentally damaging fatbergs are causing huge problems in sewers.

Through our social awareness campaign we are pledging to help raise awareness with hints and tips across all of our sectors.
11 million plastic bottles are dumped in the ocean every year
48 %
48% of the british public have flushed wet wipes
1.8 Billion
Estimated 1.8 billion cotton buds flushed down our toilets each year
48 %
48% of the nation pour oils, fats and grease down their drains